TRUSST TUV and GSI SLV Certification

TÜV is a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) contracted by TRUSST to certify the load rating and structural integrity of our truss. As a third-party certification body, TÜV tests at our factory as well as its European facilities to provide certification for the safety and integrity of parts and products. Mechanical integrity testing evaluates the condition of materials required for industrial operations. TÜV is the NRTL of choice for certifying the structural integrity of trussing products.

GSI is a non-profit liability company acting neutrally on behalf of individuals, craft firms, industrial companies, authorities and research institutes. It combines efficient welding practices with 80 years of experience in joining, cutting and testing. We use only GSI SLV-certified welders in the production of our TRUSST trussing products.